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Starting out as a real contractor in 2003 working side by side with other contractors, Patrick Barry personally struggled with finding the right people for his own construction company. He figured out early on by bringing contractors and sub contractors closer together and by building stronger relationships, everyone could benefit from winning more business. Patrick created a multi-million dollar construction business in a few years by just being a “blue-collar guy”.

The Pro Contractors Club was officially founded in 2017, when Patrick and his team had a BIG idea how to REALLY bring together all the construction trades. This also included helping the Trade school students for getting started in the industry. 

The Pro contractors Club knows being a great company requires one tool- a Great Team. Construction is a creative and rewarding business and in that spirit of creativity, we will all continue to grow and evolve together.

5 Core Values:

  • Build Positive Teams with a Family Spirit
  • Amazing Customer Service, Everyday & All day long
  • Respect for All Individuals
  • Really Love what you do in life
  • Yearn to always do more for others than just yourself

We strive to provide the best ways to help contractors win business opportunities.

We are not the Rockefeller’s over here, but we’ll get your business pipeline connected & flowing!

The Pro Contractors Club is a growing group of all Professional construction contractors. The Pro Contractors Club connects North American home improvement B2B and B2C organizations, and homeowners with quality building materials and services through its Pro network. Pro Contractors Club’s expansive growth is based on its, product offerings, and vast network. We have solidified a position as an innovator in the home improvement industry.

Your ideas and suggestions help us to continually improve. 

Please let us know at any time how you feel we can improve the Pro Contractors Club as we would love to hear from you.